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5 Signs Your Website Needs Search Engine Optimization by Experts

5 Signs Your Website Needs Search Engine Optimization by Experts

  • by gexcel
  • Jun 28, 2023

Running your website with a few visitors isn’t a choice, especially when your industry is fiercely competitive. Your website needs to attract more traffic and turn it into leads. How can you make it possible? You can easily achieve it with SEO (search engine optimisation). SEO brings good results; however, it is not a magic peel that will instantly transform the entire scenario. If your website’s SEO is poor, you should improve it as soon as possible by yourself or hire expert SEO service providers. Proper search engine optimization can help you rank better on the SERPs and get lots of traffic.

Many website owners can’t decide whether they need the help of SEO or should continue with their existing strategy. If you are in the same dilemma, now it’s time to explore the signs that indicate your website is in need of solid search engine optimization.

Signs Your Website Needs Search Engine Optimization

Before taking any measures for your website, it is crucial to determine whether it really needs the effort or if you should do something more special. The same thing also applies for website owners who are thinking of enabling search engine optimization.

#1: Your Website Isn’t Ranking on the SERP

It is important for your website to rank on the first page of Google searches for relevant keywords. It can increase the visibility of the website and help your potential customers find it easily. When a website ranks higher on Google’s search result pages, it automatically gets more traffic, which can lead to more conversions and sales. There are various factors that can contribute to your website’s ranking on Google. You should keep track of factors like the quality of your website’s content, metadata, images, etc.

#2: Your Website Has a High Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate is an alarming sign that you need to take care of your site and fix the issues as soon as possible. A high bounce rate means your visitors aren’t really interested in your website. Maybe the content is irrelevant, or they cannot navigate the site smoothly. There can be various reasons, such as poor internal linking structure, content delivery issues, technical issues like server-side rendering, and so on. A detailed SEO audit can help you find the reasons behind your site’s high bounce rate, and professionals can help you fix everything.

#3: Low Organic Traffic

According to experts, organic traffic is the measure of your SEO efforts. Generally, well-optimized sites have a satisfactory percentage of organic traffic. If your website has less than 50% organic traffic, you should look into it. Using tools like Google Analytics, you can check the types of traffic on your site, such as organic, social, referral, and paid. Each type of channel conveys your success in driving traffic to your website.

#4: Stagnant Domain Authority

The domain authority concept was invented by MOZ. The domain authority predicts how likely a website can perform on the search result pages. Earlier, Google itself used to inform users about how likely a website would perform on the SERP using Page Rank. Google has discontinued it to prevent black-hat SEO techniques that manipulate rankings on the SERP. Page Rank still exists as a measure to diagnose the strength of a website. The domain authority metric mimics page rank in certain areas. However, domain authority conveys the overall ability of your site to dominate SERPs. To improve DA, you need to generate high-quality and relevant backlinks. If your site’s DA has been stagnant for a while and is not improving with your existing strategy, take the help of professionals to improve it.

#5: Your Website Traffic Isn’t Converting to Leads and Sales

Maybe your website is getting organic traffic, but that traffic isn’t converting into leads or sales. Conversion is the percentage of website visitors who click links or buttons, fill out a form, buy a product, or share content on social media platforms. There are multiple ways to improve the conversion rate of a website. However, before that, you need to check what’s ruining the conversions. A trusted SEO agency like Gain2Excel Technologies can help you find out the reasons and resolve the issues as soon as possible.


These are the most prominent signs that your website needs proper search engine optimization by experts. Gain2Excel Technologies can help you fix all these issues and more, as we are equipped with the best SEO experts, digital marketing experts, and next-gen technologies. For accurate SEO audits or to fix these website issues, connect with us today.

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