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5 Tips to Reduce Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

5 Tips to Reduce Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

  • by gexcel
  • Jul 3, 2023

Shopping cart abandonment is alarming as well as frustrating. Shopping cart abandonment is a big problem and one of the crucial eCommerce KPIs, and it can be a barrier to your business’s growth. Customers add items to the cart but do not complete the checkout process. If the shopping cart abandonment rate is increasing and it is becoming tough to compete with your competitors, you should think about it. Who can help you here? A website development company with years of experience can help you find the reasons behind cart abandonment and fix it in the shortest possible time.

How Can You Calculate Your Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate?

Calculating the shopping cart abandonment rate is easy. Follow the below-mentioned formula–

Shopping cart abandonment calculation formula:

The cart abandonment rate= The total number of completed transactions ÷ Total number of transactions initiated

Following this formula, you can easily calculate the shopping cart abandonment rate. If the rate is increasing, you need to take the right decision as soon as possible. Hire the best web development company in India and diagnose the reasons behind your site’s high shopping cart abandonment rate.

Tips to Reduce the Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate

Following a few simple tips, you can reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate. Or take the help of expert professionals for the best help.

A. Eliminate the Sign-In Barriers

Do your customers need to face a mandatory sign-in barrier? If yes, eliminate this barrier as soon as possible. Enable guest checkout and help them buy things in minutes. Nowadays, most customers, especially first-timers, don’t prefer to go through a long account creation process to buy or order something. By enabling an easy guest buying regime, you can show that you value your customers’ time and effort. The elimination of forceful sign-in procedures can help you reduce cart abandonment rates.

B. Offer Multiple Payment Options

Did you know that 10% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts due to the unavailability of their preferred payment option? Do some quick research and check which payment options are most popular among your target audience. Try to integrate all those payment options and help your customers easily complete the checkout. Integrating popular payment options in a secure way is easy and won’t take much time if you hire the right professionals. An expert web design company can also help you find the best payment options (Paypal, Amazon Pay, Stripe, Cards, UPI, etc.) for your target audience and implement them accordingly.

C. Make the Checkout Process Easy

The checkout process needs to be fast and easy. None of your customers have plenty of time to complete a long checkout process. You can check how your competitors designed their checkout process and also use tools, forms, or surveys to collect data and make the process easy for your customers. Make it a single-page checkout process and ask for only the required details. You can also use various A/B testing plugins to achieve desired goals and reduce your website’s shopping cart abandonment rate.

D. Use Prominent CTAs in the Shopping Cart

When it comes to selling things online, you can’t deny the benefits of proper call-to-actions. To reduce shopping cart abandonment, first you need to check whether your cart has the right CTAs or not. The right CTAs in the right places help users take the next action. You can craft a headline-style set of instructions for every page related to the checkout process. When you educate customers accordingly, they feel confident in your services and complete the checkout successfully.

E. Add a “Save for Later” Button

Many shoppers abandon their carts as they are using that option as a wishlist or place to save things that they want to buy some days later. The wishlist is already there, but it is also wise to add a “save for later” button to the cart. It makes the process easy for customers to buy the most required stuff instantly and save the less required stuff for a future purchase. In this way, you get sales and increase the chance of future sales while reducing the shopping cart abandonment rate.


These are five effective ways that can help you reduce shopping cart abandonment on your website. To diagnose what is increasing your shopping cart abandonment rate and fix it, take the help of an expert web development company. At Gain2Excel Technologies, you can meet expert developers with years of experience who can help you fix all your website’s issues and take the site to a new height. For any website-related services, contact us today.

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