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Stellar Mobile App Development Services

We help global businesses design superior digital products, ensuring a seamless user experience across all platforms.

Top Features of Modern-day Mobile Apps

Features, design, UI/UX, etc., depending on the type of mobile app you need. Share your requirements with us, and then, together,
finalise the features and functionality.

Push Notification

Give your app users a reason to come back. Push notifications are an effective way to keep your users informed about the latest offerings or progress of any service. Drive user engagement with push notifications.

Social Media Integration

Let your users connect with you effortlessly. Social media integration makes the sign-in process easy and automatic. Users can easily log into the app using their social profiles and access your offerings. Along with user satisfaction, such an advanced feature also encourages brand promotion.

User Feedback

With the help of the feedback system, users can easily report bugs, lodge complaints, or give suggestions. Leading companies handle feedback with care, resulting in increased trust and credibility. Don’t forget to power your app with such an impeccable feature.

Payment Gateway Integration

Want to boost leads, sales, and ROI? Try payment gateway integration with Gain2Excel Technologies. Integrating such a feature or functionality helps your users or customers checkout seamlessly, ensuring more conversions and sales.

Live Maps

Depending on the type of your app, you can integrate the live maps feature. The integration of a live map can help your users easily track their orders or find a location. Connect with us today, and let’s decide whether you need a live map feature or not.

Advanced Analytics

Get better and more actionable insights about your app’s users with the help of advanced analytics. The analytics can help you track and monitor their activity in the app. Get close insights, develop a better marketing strategy, and enhance the user experience.

Need more features? Let us know today.

Our Holistic Mobile App Development Approach

Our mobile app development services comprise three basic aspects: the look, ease of use, and conversion ability. Next-gen UI/UX, robust architecture, and top-notch security are always there when it comes to powering our global clients with mobile app solutions.


User-First Strategy

We always consider the preferences of users while preparing app development strategies. We keep the app easy to operate and attractive to let businesses grow and win the competition.


Minimize Action Sequences

We reduce the number of tasks that a user needs to perform to accomplish what they want. We prefer to keep the user journey as simple as possible.


Brand Focused

We build applications that can meet your specific business requirements. We research your industry extensively, considering all your requirements, and then proceed with the development.



We develop application interfaces adaptable to all variations. We ensure the text is readable and the navigation perfectly fits within the screen across a wide range of makes and models.



Our developers power mobile apps with the best security features. We do everything possible to keep your customers’ data safe. Further, we also disclose the purpose of the data that your app may collect to make your users feel comfortable with your app.


Marketing & Promotion

With our experience and expertise in working for all industries, we can develop mobile apps that stand out from the competition on the market. Get noticed with a stunning mobile app.